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Finding Long Term Rental Homes

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for the ideal long haul rental home in our Koh Samui? At Home in Koh Samui oversees more than 250 long haul rentals and has a shifted stock of properties. Everything from great homes in Historic Old Town, close to the numerous eateries, clubs, exhibition halls and shopping or may something close to the Atlantic Ocean for some genuine sun-dousing time. Searching for something somewhat calmer or simply cherish an incredible round of golf after work? Look at one of our properties at the prestigious KohSamui.us. Visit our Property Management site to see our accessible postings of rental properties. More information on long term rental koh samui click here.

We need you to consider KohSamui.usp as your trusted nearby specialist, an obligation we don’t take delicately. We obviously comprehend, we don’t profit unless you profit, and to do that we should make an awesome visitor involvement with your property.



The Care You Seek

As a proprietor of a long-or fleeting rental property in the Northwoods, you comprehend the quality in putting your trust in the right organization to regulate your property nearly.

The Solution You Want

Being a fruitful Real Estate Company in Koh Samui, KohSamui.usp has turned into the most proficient, neighborly and trusted name in nearby Real Estate. KohSamui.us has fanned out to offer property administration and inhabitant arrangement administrations with KohSamui.us. It is our dedication to guarantee your property gets the correct administration it merits.

Give Us A chance to offer assistance

We comprehend the significance of correspondence with both proprietors and tenants to guarantee the most ideal administration. Give us a chance to manage the everyday complexities, permitting you to understand the full gaining capability of your rental property without the bothers that may some way or another go with it.

  • Property Management Service
  • Devoted full-time renting administrations
  • Evaluating system
  • Occupant screening
  • Bookkeeping and reporting
  • Property review all the time
  • Rent and security store accumulation
  • Occupant position and recharging
  • Full administration property administration, repairs, support and cleaning
  • Lease transactions and readiness

Transfer Pricing: Global Market’s Challenge

Transfer pricing gives a massive problem around the globe especially in developing countries that needs more service funds.

Two Sides of the Enormous Challenge.Challenges on resource for developing countries.Click here to know more about link.

Challenges on input, output, and finance.

Area of pricing needs attention whether it is adomestic or international market. Here are some significant challenges of theglobal market.

Fluctuation of currency

Fluctuation happens when country A has depreciated by 10 percent, state B by 12 percent and country c by 24 percent, exports will be cheaper, and imports will be expensive for local consumption. Hence, setting price will be challenging since theprice is the tool to meet sales target.


Goods and services’ price rises and gives a significant impact on the global market not unless if a certain country already knows how to deal with inflation like Latin America.

Price escalation

This occurs when an individual product moves from one country to the other causing it to have certain charges, costs of transportation, tariffs, and other expenses. That is why there is already a difference of price of the same product in a foreign country than home country. Thus, it’s hard for them to compete with local ones.

Price Controls

This happens when the government already sets some prices of the commodities. In this case, some company can no longer operate profitability.

Grey Markets

This means that goods will be cheap in one country and expensive in another without further notice. This happens when non-authorized distributors engage in parallel importation.

These challenges may be a little number to some but has a significant impact on theglobal market. As business owners, there is a real need to cope up with this challenge. Be ahead of your competitors, focus on quality rather than quantity. It is now a game everybody should play.

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